27 Mar 2022

Writing about writing

A recent idea that I’m just beginning to accept is the fact that it’s okay to make decisions on a “gut feeling” and finding logical reasons for them later. I mean, that’s the definition of intuition.

While it may seem like common sense, it may be a bit more difficult if you’re obsessed with “truth” and you feel like you have to make an informed decision or otherwise you’ll label yourself “impulsive”. I know I do.

I’ve wanted to have a blog since my teens, and I’ve had quite a few iterations. None of which had volume nor consistency. One common pattern, though: I always felt as if they had to have a brand, a theme, or even a subject. I felt as if I needed to pick an audience.

It was honestly exhausting—all I wanted was to express myself publicly. I wanted to write about whatever I wanted, but then “the blog would be too wide, nobody would be able to relate.” If I didn’t brand the blog then it would be named after my name, and my name is not catchy, “who’s going to remember to go to rolandomurillo.com?” However, if I picked a name/logo I was putting too much pressure on myself to produce something worth reading.

Some people write publicly because they are hoping to teach the world something. Or use it for accountability and to force themselves to learn something and share it. Others see it as a viable business. Everyone’s got their logical reason.

I actually don’t know why I want to make a blog. I hope that people find my posts and find them helpful in whatever capacity, yes. But I’m not really at a point where I can deliver predictably to develop an audience.

I decided that’s not going to stop me from wanting to express myself publicly in a written form with some level of consistency. And, in a way, I’m accepting myself by not having a specific blog with a cool name or brand.